Way-back Wednesdays


This Friday is the CFDS Halloween Party here at the gym. 7pm team sod (FUN, not a lot of sweating) followed up with our party. If you would like to bring a small dish for people to munch on much appreciation. Costumes are not mandatory, but encouraged. B.Y.O.D

Winter WarriorTeam registration goes up on November 1st. Get signed up now.

Play Dirty Adventure races are back and they will be in lafayette, LA on November 7th. Go checkout playdirtyadventure.com for all details.
Use the code: CFDENHAM20 to get 20% off all registrations.

November 2nd-29th members of CFDS will participate in a online Workout Competition to help raise money and awareness for Crossfitters around the world who are currently battling cancer. This non-profit was started for the Crossfit community on wanting to help each other during these hard times. If you would like to sign up or just go find out more information go checkout, www.everyday-warrior.org

CrossFit Denham Springs – CrossFit

Power Clean (Work to 1 rep @75% of C&J)

Power Clean (Drop 20-30# for 2 sets of 2 )

Back Squat (Work up to 80-90% for 1 rep)

Back Squat (1 se of MAX reps 30-40# below above weight)

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

4 Rounds- rest 2 min in between rounds

5 Power Snatch @ 95/135#

1min Max Burpees (12+/15+/20+/23+)

**Pre-commit to a target number, if you don’t get it then add :30 extra seconds to your row**

1min Max Row (Cals)

** Must complete 1rd of Cindy per Rd during rest**

Tall Jerks (5 sets of 3 @55%of C&J, start lower if needed)

Athletes will start by dipping, then pressing bar and stopping at eye level. The athlete will then press underneath the bar and landing in the split jerk position.