Turkey Monday 161121

mens club 24

This is the start to the crazy holiday season for a lot of us. During this time we get a lot of people who struggle with making the right decisions nutritionally and over eating. Here are a few this to help you make the right decisions During the hard times over the next few weeks.

1. Prepare Yourself Before the Party. If you are able to eat healthy prior to your parties you will won’t feel the need to eat as often while there.

2. Bring a Healthy Holiday Food. Don’t feel if you can’t bring your favorite healthy dish to the family gathering. This will keep you invested in your health and maybe you can get the family talking about it well.

3. Be Mindful During the Party. Don’t shy away from your favorite dishes, but make sure to take small portions and keep it down to 2 items.

4. Keep Moving. Don’t let yourself get caught in the eat and nap game. After eating go for a long walk or jog. Maybe even get a workout in between meal times. Being active will keep you going in right direction.

Monday – Normal
Tuesday – Normal
Wednesday – Normal
Turkey day – Nothing
Friday – 9:30am Only
Saturday – 9am

Winter Gear pre-ordering is available till Saturday. If you are wanting to order please fill out the order sheet by theTV’s. This is a custom order so please place your order now. No extras will be ordered.

CFDS Christmas party will be on Saturday, December 17th. Last year was our tacky sweater party so this year we will be dressing nice (you choice your nice). We will be doing the steal a gift game ($15-20).Bringing a side dish is accepted.

*Location to be will be given soon.

Work up to a heavy power clean + clean

EMOM x 24 minutes

Odd: 5 Power Cleans (185/115#)

Even: 1 Rd of Cindy

*If 1 rd of Cindy is done under 30 seconds increase 1 rep per movement to the next round. Of done over 45 seconds decrease 1 rep per movement

*1 rd of Cindy is 5 pullups, 10 pushups, and 15 air squats