Tuesday’s WOD, 4/16/2013


5 Rounds for time:

20 Burpees

15 Medball cleans/Hang cleans

Run 400m
It is the trainers of CFDS responsibility to help the clients reach the goals no matter how small or large the may be. These trainers will do whatever it takes to teach the movements of CrossFit to the clients. These trainers will also miss their workout for the day so you can better understand exercises that you may not feel comfortable with. These trainers passion is teaching CrossFit to anyone who wants to learn, but for the ones who aren’t showing up are not getting the passion that everyone else is getting. If you are missing class than your already a day behind on the goals you have and when you want to reach them. Show up and let these trainers help you… WE WANT TO HELP YOU!!

P.S. We will start blasting your names on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace (are people still on Myspace), Instagram if we don’t start seeing some faces!