Tuesday 2/18/2014

Main – CrossFit

**There is still people who have not put their billing information in the system. Once again, if you do not have your information in the system by this Wednesday, you will not be able to WOD at CFDS anymore. I pay my bills and you must pay yours. If you need help or have questions let me know.**

This is the last week of the squat program ladies and gentlemen. We will be maxing out on Friday and Saturday morning. On Saturday, we will have 8-10 person 30 minute heats that you will sign up for. You will not be able to just show up and lift on Saturday.

Starting this week the will be a change in the weekly schedule for the box for the next 6 Weeks for the Open. If you are competing in the Open, then on days were it says REST/RECOVERY, I am expecting just that. There is a great possibility that CFDS ail have a few people make Regionals, as well as a Team. We need everyone who is contributing to the team to be smart and follow the schedule. Lets get it guys and gals!!

Back Squat (2 x 2 @ 100%)

Front Squat (2 x2 @ 100%)

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

Tabata of:

T2B (Toes make contact to bar)
BJ (24/20) Games Standards
Row for Cals
S2O, 95/65

*Total reps for all movements will be your score. We will split everyone in groups of 5 so everyone will be working out at the same time, but will move stations with their group.