All coaches/trainers at CrossFit Denham Springs are certified by CrossFit Inc, and other national accredited certifications. The coaches at CFDS main peupose is to change the lives of their clients through the CrossFit methods. The coaches are willing to help the clients with exercises, workouts, and nutrition. CrossFit is what we teach and believe works in changing the lives of our clients!!


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Brad Patti

About Brad:

Brad started his CrossFit journey in Febuary 2010 when he was looking for strength and conditioning training to help out with his Mixed Martial Arts career. Brad has always been into sports and the competition aspect of sports, so doing CrossFit would be great for him. After doing his first CrossFit WOD, Brad knew that he had found the challenging training that he could not get from working out in a regular gym. Brad started doing crossfit training for about 2 months and then became a trainer. After getting his Level 1 certification in the summer of 2010, Brad knew he had found his passion in life, training and teaching crossfit. Brad believes that crossfit is the perfect way to teach people of all the ages the importance of proper weight training, fitness, and being healthy. No matter age or gender, Brad thinks crossfit is great to help get people to live a better life phyiscally and mentally.

Favorite Lift: Anything that involves throwing around some heavy weight

Favortie WOD: Put a WOD in front of him and he will give his everything in completeing it!!


Cody Glascock


About Cody:

Cody Glascock brings a wealth of fitness knowledge to the Crossfit Denham Springs family.  Cody’s training foundation was laid over 12 years ago in fitness areas including Mixed Martial Arts, body building and lifting.

His belief is that through training all ages, from children to adults, can increase their work capacity at life’s most basic tasks.  Sessions with Cody at Crossfit will utilize components of weightlifting, cardio fitness, and nutritional changes to improve daily living activities.

Favorite lift:  Cleans

Favorite WOD:  Grace


Mark Phillips


About Mark:

Mark started his fitness career just like everyone else, throwing some weight around at his local gym. He was also very active in recreational sports ranging from softball, flag football, golf, adventure racing, mountain biking, and even an attempt at strongman training. After 10 years of following numerous workout programs from magazines, he finally “Drank the Kool-Aid”. CrossFit fit perfectly into his active lifestyle. For him it was the perfect bend of strength and conditioning that he was looking for. It wasn’t long after starting CrossFit that he realized how much of an impact he could make by changing peoples lives through fitness. Training with Mark will be grueling, because of his attention to detail, but rewarding, because of his level of excitement through your success. Mark firmly believes that CrossFit is the answer to societies struggles with health and wellness.
Favorite Lift: Clean and Jerk
Favorite WOD: Annie

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