Throwback Thursday

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It’s so often that we get caught up in where we want to be, that we forget where we started and all the progress that we’ve made along the way. Do you remember the first time you set foot in CFDS? How did you feel? Fearful, nervous, intimidated, or just plain excited to see what all we have to offer? Regardless of how you felt then… how do you feel now? Hopefully the fear or intimidation factor isn’t still prevalent. Ok yeah, I get some of the workouts are intimidating… but are you intimidated to come in? We (your coaches!) hope that this is a place you look forward to and are excited about every day!
Now take a little more in depth look at your progress since you have been with us:
Remember when you were warming up for you intro and just as you were getting done with the “Warm Up,” the coach asks, “Alright… are you ready for the workout?”

I’m sure your response was “Hell no! I thought that that WAS the workout!”

So what is the point to all this? Accept and be proud of the little wins! When you first walked through the doors most of the lingo used was foreign to you: “Alright class, today the workout is 21-15-9 of Thruster, Toes to Bar, and Handstand Pushups.” Now I know what you are thinking…

“That sounds like a really hard workout. I’m not very good at toes to bar and have to scale handstand pushups with a box and can’t do the prescribed weight for the thruster…”

WAIT ONE SECOND! You would have had no idea what any of that was when you first came in for one. AND had I shown what you would be doing you would have walked out the door and thought I was crazy!

SOO how far have you really come? What simple things can you do now that you couldn’t do when you first came in?

Be happy with the progress you have made. Know that things take time and you will get there. Patience is a virtue, be thankful for what you can do. Know each day you come in that you are making a difference in not only your life, but the people around you as well!!!

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)


Teams of 2
15 Wall Ball (20, 14#)
15 Box Jumps (24, 20″)
Run 200m

Full Round Then Switch