Throw back Thursday

Main – CrossFit

WOD for Peyton is this Saturday at Red stick. We are still looking for people to join teams. Let Brad know if you are interested in joining the fun.

Winter Wear Custom order sheet is located on the whiteboard. Please fill out the correct information so you receive the correct items. Order will be placed on Tuesday of next week so please have your order in before then.

6 minute AMRAP (No Measure)

6 minute AMRAP: Have athletes break up into partners. Partner 1 is stationed on one side of the gym mats and partner 2 is on the opposite side. The clock begins on your count and partner 1 does 6 abmat sit-ups as quickly as possibly while partner 2 holds a plank. Partner 2 is only allowed to come out of plank once they are tagged by partner 1 who has to run all the way across the gym upon completion of the sit-ups to tag in their partner. After partners both finish 1 round of abmats, switch to 1 round of push-ups.

Weakness Warm-up (No Measure)

Weakness work.

Find a weakness you have (double Unders, pull-ups, HSPU, Handstand holds) and work on them for 10 -15 minutes.

Metcon (Time)

For Time:

400m Run

21 Hang Power Snatch (HPS)

400m Run

15 HPS

400m Run


*Row 500m if you feel you need to instead of running in the dark.