Pre- 2014 Open WOD

Main – CrossFit

If you signed up for the Open and you are serious about your performance for the next 5 weeks, tomorrow is a new beginning. Today should be a recovery day at the most. Follow the list below.

No WODing!!

Friday will be a big day for the ones who are wanting to make it to regionals as an individual or a team member. They need your support and your ability to push them beyond what they think they can do.

It is 2014 Open Season!!

Warm-up (No Measure)

This should be done at a very slow pace.
Open Athletes Only

20 Minute Air dyne/Row

3 sets of:
15 GHD situps
15 Back extensions
15 OHS w/PVC pipe
15 Band Pull aperts

30 Minutes of Mobility
(dislocates/stretching/rolling out/etc)

Get a good night of sleep and fuel your body!!
For Open Athletes Only

Metcon (Time)

For Time

Deadlift (245, 155)
Over-the-bar Burpees

9 Min time Cap!!!