It’s HUMP Day!

CrossFit Denham Springs – CrossFit

A Progenex order will be getting placed on Thursday. If you are need of protein to help with your recovery, protein bars, Force than here is your chance to get the BEST product on the market.

Olympic Lifting class this Thursday at 5:45pm.

It’s that time of year again for a #cfdsnation Nutritional Challenge. We will be starting a 5 Week challenge on April, 4th to help everyone get ready for Summer time.i will be going over all details on this Challenge during classes as well as posting in the Facebook group. If you are wanting to do this challenge we will need to have everyone signed up by Saturday. This challenge will be different than any challenge we have done before. If you have been struggling with you Nutrition this is the perfect time for you to get back in charge.

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

Tabata (warm-up)

*16 rounds switching from movement to movement (4 rounds each)

Lunges (reverse-step back)


Air squats

KB Swings (dont go heavy)

Linda (Time)


Deadlift ,1.5 Body Weight

Bench Press, Body Weight

Clean, 3/4 Body Weight
Here is a quick story about “Linda”. Back in 2010 I was attending the CrossFit Games in California at the Home Depot Center. Walking around the the venue with a few of my buddies and Coach Glassman, we were being introduced to friends of Coach. After meeting some of the “OG’s” of CrossFit, we are approached by smaller lady in her 40’s. She says hey to coach, and we are then introduced to her and she says “Hi, I’m Linda”. I respond by telling her my name and our conversation goes like this.

Linda: Do you do CrossFit?

Me: Yes mam I do.

Linda: how long have you been doing CrossFit?

Me: About 2 years.

Linda: Have you done the girls WOD “Linda” yet.

Me: No mam I have not.

Linda: Well stop being a _____ and do my ________ WOD.

Me: YES MAM! First thing I do when I get back.

You better believe when I got back from California the first WOD I did was “Linda”. That lady scared the mess out of me, but it was such a cool experience.

So today we are going to stop being a _______ and do “Linda”!

Scaled athletes should try for 60% of 1 RM for all lifts.