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Getting Started at Crossfit Denham Springs
So, you are ready to try Crossfit out?  You’re ready to change up the same workout routine you have been doing for the last 2 years? You are taking the right step in changing your life for the better of your own wellness. Here are the steps to start training at CrossFit Denham Springs:

Step 1.
Come stop by and check out our facility, equipment, and get a feel for the energy that makes our community so AWESOME!  If you like what you see, we want the opportunity to give you your first CrossFit workout free of charge.  Beware though, you may not want to go back to that old gym of yours.

Step 2.
Sign up for your FREE 3 Day Trial at CFDS.

Your first  3 workouts are free. During the 3 day Trial you will learn how CrossFit works. On day 1 you will learn how the program works with the different types of WODs used throughout a week and go over common movements used in CrossFit (air squats, pushups, pullups, rowing, etc). On days 2 and 3 you will CrossFit style WODs so you can get in swing of how the WODs work. You must call or email to sign up for your FREE 3 Day Trail at CFDS!!

Sign up for a One on One session.

One on one sessions will be an hour long session that you will train the movements of crossfit with a Level 1 trainer. This class will give you the opportunity to learn about Crossfit and how the program works.  A one on one sessions is $35.00 per session.

Step 4.
Sign up for our group classes.

The group classes are always in the group setting. The class will warm-up, learn technique and movements, workout, and cool down together everyday. This allows everyone to really help motivate each other and help with learning movements together.

Crossfit Denham Springs looks forward to having you join our family!!!


Month to Month (No Contract) $140.00 per month

6 Month Contract $120.00 per month

12 Month Contract $105.00 per month

Price for 2 or more on one membership plan will be a discounted price for the second person.

To cancel your contract after the month to month, 6,or 12 months you must give a 30 day notice!!!!


Attention new clients, past clients, and existing clients:

All clients are held to the intitial contract (3,6, or 9 months), after the intitial contract is over, the contract then becomes a month to month contract with a 30 day cancellation notice (no exceptions). Like millions of other gyms across the world, CrossFit Denham Springs follows this contract policy with all clients. It is the clients’ responsibility to cancel their own contract when they feel it is not in their interest to continue training at the CFDS Facility.



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