Finally Friday

CrossFit Denham Springs – CrossFit

Trey Cefalu is doing the 2016, now YOU have to do it!

Good luck to Beka competing in the PRO Division at the Fittest Games in Austin, TX this weekend!

There is NO 8:30am class today. All other classes are still on.

On this lifting cycle, Fridays will be cleans and your choice between Push Press or Squats. If pulling/pressing is your weakness “Press” work is a better option for you and vice versa.

9:00am Saturday WOD with Coach Mark. Come get some!

Clean (Work up to 90-95% for 1 rep of C&J )

If the percentage is too high you can reduce to a percentage you are comfortable with.

Clean (Reduce 25# from above for 2 sets of 2)

Push Press (4 sets of 3 @60% of C&J )

Back Squat (Find your 5 Rep Max)

Back Squat (Reduce weight 35# and do 1 set of 5)

Metcon (Time)

For time:

10 Rounds of Cindy (12 Min CAP)

*1 round of Cindy is:

5 Pullups (jumping or ring rows)

10 Pushups (chest to deck)

15 Squats

This is a day to move FAST! No rest & no breaks, just move FAST! Scale reps down to allow you to finish all 10 rds in under 12 minutes. How fast can someone do all 10 rds?