Endurance and Olympic lifting Thursday

CrossFit Denham Springs – CrossFit

Jazmyn Hawkins is ready for the 2016 CrossFit games Open… Are you?

There will be NO 8:30am class this Friday. All other classes will be going on as planned. Saturday WOD at 9:00am.

Thursdays are MAKE-UP days for anyone who skipped a WOD throughout the week and would like to make it up.

Metcon (No Measure)

Today Endurance work to be done at high Intensity with the knowing that rest will be provided after each set. Do not shy away from pushing yourself on Endurance work.

Run, Row, or Bike

6:00 minutes of work/3:00 minutes of rest

4:00 minutes of work/2:00 minutes of rest

2:00 minutes of work/1:00 minute of rest

2 rounds of work. 1 round has to be running while the other can be your choice. The Bike is a personal choice if you want to work on muscle fatigue and your mentally game.